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VISION Pop Up Shop

I was recently a founder, manager, and featured seller of a pop up shop showcasing 20 young artists and musicians at the Red Bank Artisan Collective. I created this event because I wanted to give up-and-coming creators a chance to sell and display their work. As the event director however, I also had to handle the business side, including working with individual artists, providing assistance and reaching compromises to ensure all participants were treated fairly. It was a massive success: thousands of dollars were made, and it was the most successful event in Artisan Collective history.

I am most proud of the installation I created in the back gallery room titled “The Shed”. I sewed together over 80 feet of found and thrifted fabric, then myself and my co-creator Emily Eisenstein, spray painted our designs throughout. We also collected miscellaneous chairs,  carpets, mirrors, and more to turn the  entire room into an experience. I personally installed the fabric to cover every while and Emily (majoring in Lighting Design at Calarts) created the ambiance. Inside this installation we also featured other artist’s work and some musical performances throughout the event.