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Since May 2019 I’ve had the pleasure of working for the inspiring design studio Pinar&Viola. They create highly aesthetic images for the zeitgeist, using them as special effect for fashion and technology. By using the power and charm of visuals, their work promotes social justice, prosperity, and a more conscious and healthier world. They regularly collaborate with the world’s leading brands to make their products relevant and fun for popular culture like Google, IKEA, Adidas, Nike, MTV, Redbull, and more.

Here are select projects I’ve worked on with them...

Kings of the NBA

Directed by Pinar. Drafts of basketball players as mystical, royal, and almost god-like figures. Glossy, highly digital aesthetic. See process and inspiration images below. In-progress.

Google Mockups

P&V recently collaborated with Google’s Deep Dream A.I. to develop a series of patterns and compositions. Here are a few of the concepts I made for Pinar&Viola’s next fashion collection to be presented to Google.

Crystals and Symbols

Under Viola’s direction, I made a series of symbols for upcoming projects. The composition below is my own, displaying a portion of the elements I fashioned.  

Peace Rover Stickers

A small token of appreciation from Pinar&Viola to those that drive Land Rover Defenders.