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Digital Sketchbook

Random work from the archives of my computer.
A cyber graveyard, haunted by the ghosts of scrapped projects.

Type Modules: Letterforms built out of pipes and cardboard. Spraypainted, photographed, photoshopped.

Ugly Internet Dress Up:

Voting for Rebels: while many young Americans think that their vote doesn’t count, many politicians count on voters not turning out. This is a concept for an instagram campaign, portraying voting as a rebellious act itself.

Slurpee homages: redesigns of the signature 7/11 drink, with each design paying homage to different styles. Featuring cups inspired by take-out bags, MTV, and the Watergate scandal. Fun fact: the word “brainfreeze” is trademarked by 7/11.

Women of comic covers:
a replacement animation experiment:

Ironic Skies: